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FRP Lift Station Eases Problematic Roadblock, to Provide Decades of Durability

New underpass located at 45th St and Calumet Ave. Lift Station Generator and Control Building can be seen upper right. August 16, 2021 By Martin Hawrysko, Metropolitan Industries, Inc. Efficient and reliable transportation infrastructure is more than about moving people, goods, and services from one point to another. Well-maintained roads and highways that are accessible [...]

Potable Water Pump Upgrade Continues to Push Through Unforeseen Setbacks

Completed upgraded potable water pump station at W. Averell Harriman State Office Building Campus. The surge of office campuses began in the 1950’s. Post World War II era, many people were fleeing what was considered the overly populated and polluted city to find solace in the suburbs. In an effort to follow the white collar [...]

Using Variable Frequency Drives to Maximize Energy Efficiency in Our Pump System Designs

Environmental sustainability, the responsibility of preserving the Earth and its natural resources for future generations, is essential for so many reasons. Working in an industry dedicated to moving and managing a natural resource, water conservation and energy efficiency becomes an added responsibility - one that Emmons Metro and our parent company, Metropolitan Industries, takes very [...]

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