As part of the Metropolitan Industries family, Emmons Metro has been afforded with a vast array of additional resources that allow us to provide the most innovative pumping and control solutions to our project partners and end users throughout Albany and Upstate New York.

Metropolitan Industries, Inc.

Our parent company, Metropolitan Industries, began its journey in 1957 as a general manufacturer’s representative in the Chicago metropolitan area. After narrowing its focus by specializing in pumps and related accessory equipment backed by a thorough technical and market knowledge, the company experienced rapid growth and became a leading supplier throughout the Midwest.

Through the years, Metropolitan continued to strengthen the company by adding a full service repair shop, a control panel manufacturing division, in-house fabrication and an increased investment towards engineering, which expanded their capabilities in a wide variety of areas. Metropolitan seized the opportunity and began to manufacture complete packaged pumping systems fully integrated with their own manufactured control and monitoring systems. Taking the complete pumping system one step further was Metropolitan’s ability to fully customize each system so that it can fully meet the unique specifications of individual application requirements.

Metropolitan’s complete pumping and control systems provides project partners and end users with a sole source project supplier and integrator, allowing for a streamlined and well-coordinated process from conceptualization through installation. With a footprint spanning throughout North America, Metropolitan’s vast project portfolio encompasses flow distribution, pressure control, treatment, collection, temperature control, hydronics and reuse.

The family owned Metropolitan is headquartered in Romeoville, IL, just 35 miles southwest of Chicago. Between their two Chicagoland facilities and the Emmons Metro facility in Upstate New York, Metropolitan collectively employs over 150 people.

To learn more about Metropolitan Industries, their complete system solutions and application possibilities, please continue to their website.

Metropolitan Industries, Inc. Company Photo
Metropolitan Industries Headquarters in Romeoville, IL
Pump Installation and Maintenance Training

The success of our company has been supplemented by the creation of dedicated divisions and notable acquisitions, all of which today help comprise the modern-day Metropolitan Industries family.


MetroCloud is a Cloud SCADA monitoring system by Metropolitan Industries that is integrated with a variety of pumping sites. Common areas include lift stations, booster pumps and temperature management control systems, in addition to integration options that adds remote cloud SCADA to existing pump control equipment.

MetroCloud’s more reliable, more capable and more cost effective cloud SCADA monitoring provides end users with the full capabilities to monitor and manage their pump systems from anywhere. Its built-in functionality is very similar to that of a locally hosted SCADA platform, which minimizes the learning curve among end users. The added functionality of its multi-notification options, virtual interface, real-time weather conditions and forecasts and historical trending empowers end users with the most sophisticated pump system monitoring capabilities.

To learn more about the MetroCloud remote SCADA possibilities, please continue to the MetroCloud website, or call 877-89MTCLOUD.

Ion Technologies

Ion Technologies is the residential pumps division of Metropolitan Industries. The Ion Technologies lines of products includes high capacity sump pumps, battery backup systems and sophisticated control integration options. Available via wholesale supply houses, the Ion Technologies line is trusted by residential contractors and homeowners to protect basements from the threat of flooding.

With the initiative to extend average pump life and reduce common pump failures due to faulty float switches, Ion Technologies developed the state-of-the-art Ion Digital Level Control Switch. Equipped with a water level sensor that electronically turns pumps on and off, the Ion Digital Level Control Switch monitors water levels and removes up to 6 inches of water per cycle. This reduces frequent pump cycles, which places less stress on pump hardware to result in prolonged pump life. The Ion Digital Level Control Switch is integrated with all Ion Technologies sump pumps and AC-powered backup systems.

To view the entire Ion Technologies product line or for information about distribution, please continue to the Ion Technologies website.

Emecole Metro LLC

Emecole Metro LLC is a manufacturer and supplier specializing in concrete repair and basement waterproofing products. Used by contractors and homeowners, Emecole Metro’s extensive product line are relied upon throughout the United States and Canada. Based in Romeoville, IL, the origins of Emecole Metro date back to 1987 with the pioneering the low pressure injection process to permanently repair cracks in poured concrete foundations. The devising of a spring-assisted dual cartridge dispensing gun used in conjunction with their line of two-component epoxies and polyurethanes provided a more affordable and more efficient means to permanently repair concrete cracks.

Product expansion involving carbon fiber for foundation wall reinforcement, crawl space encapsulation vapor barriers, concrete and masonry sealers, and the addition of the Ion Technologies product line has made Emecole Metro a one stop supplier for concrete and wet basement repair.  As part of the Metropolitan Industries family since 2016, Emecole Metro is fully committed to demonstrating their passion for developing and expanding products that better serve the concrete and basement waterproofing industries.

To learn more about Emecole Metro’s product line and their possibilities, please continue to their website.

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