PCC Concrete Floor and Slab Repair Kit

Repair cracks in driveways, basement floors, patios and more.

This kit welds cracks in concrete floors and slabs back together. The polyurethane repair material is stronger than the original when cured. It is water thin and simply gravity feeds into cracks. The kit comes with enough material to repair 20-40 feet of cracked concrete depending on the width and depth of the cracks. Perfect to fix cracks in basement floors, driveways, patios and more.


  • 1 Tube of PCC Floor and Slab Repair Material (fits a standard caulk gun)
  • 1 Mixing nozzle
  • 1 Retaining nut
  • 1 Needle tip for hairline cracks
  • 1 4lb bag of dry and washed filler sand

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