Cloud-Ready Lift Station Control Upgrade Brings Practical 24/7 Remote Monitoring for Non-Municipal System

Cloud Ready Lift Station Control Upgrade for Non-Municipal System

Water management professionals are never really off the clock. After all, the systems and processes that they maintain and monitor need to be fully operational at all times. So even if they’re not on-site or it’s after hours, these individuals need to have the ability to make sure operations are maintaining as expected.

Non-municipal water systems, like mobile home communities, can be tricky though. More often than not, they have restricted financial resources and limited manpower. These entities may rely on contractors to provide water management services which can also have its limitations. And what happens when phantom alarms or minor issues arise that end up costing these budget restricted entities unnecessary service bills? It leads to short-term fixes but no long-term solutions.

That’s where our cloud-based SCADA solution, MetroCloud, comes in.

In this most recent case study, MetroCloud examines how their state-of-the-art SCADA solution helped Black Hawk Estates, a mobile home community in Illinois, save money while also creating more efficiencies between onsite management and their water management contractor.

Remote Lift Station Monitoring & Control is More Practical Than You May Realize

Learn how the MetroCloud-ready LMS II Level Control System brings intuitive and affordable remote lift station monitoring to just about any application.

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