Emmons Metro Partners with Ion Technologies to Offer Full Selection of Residential Pumping Products

Ion Technologies, Emmons Metro Partnership in Albany, New York

Emmons Metro is excited to announce the expansion of its business offerings with its new partnership with Ion Technologies.

Ion Technologies, a manufacturer of premium residential pump and control products designed and engineered to provide superior basement flood protection, allows Emmons Metro the chance to offer plumbers and contractors extensive options to handle the most challenging storm and sewage water issues.

Ion Technologies was originally launched as the residential product line of our sister company, Metropolitan Industries. As the inventor of the first digital level controller, Ion Technologies transformed the pumping industry by replacing the mechanical switch with a technologically advanced device.

Today, Ion Technologies is a full-fledged brand representing an entire collection of residential pumping solutions.

Ion Technologies remains on the forefront of the industry with the ultimate goal of utilizing new resources and technology to help protect against the threat of uncontrolled water and the negative ramifications it has towards the home.

As the world continues to grow and evolve, Emmons Metro is excited to stay at the forefront when it comes to offering new resources and technology to its customers.

Contact the Emmons Metro team to learn more.

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