Expedited Lift Station Production & Installation Provides Front Line Boost for Medical Manufacturer in Trying Times

Expedited Lift Station Production and Installaton

Trident Manufacturing headquarters in Pingree Grove, Ill.

2020 was a memorable year. It required a level of resilience, flexibility, and collaboration like we’ve never seen before.

So when Metropolitan Industries, our parent company, was asked how fast they could complete a sanitary lift station project for a Chicago-based medical manufacturing facility wanting to open earlier in order to support COVID-19 relief efforts, Metropolitan let them know the project would be ready in less than a month.

Turnaround times like that are unheard of in our industry. But as a single-source supplier, Metropolitan Industries was able to save time with component sourcing while also building, testing, and programming everything in their facility for a seamless installation. All while also keeping the safety of their employees and customers top of mind.

It’s fair to say that no one wants to tackle rush jobs, but as a company, we strive to be prepared for the unpredictable so our customers know they have someone they could rely on.

To learn more, please continue with the full Trident Manufacturing project story via the Metropolitan Industries website.

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