Using Variable Frequency Drives to Maximize Energy Efficiency in Our Pump System Designs

Pump System Design Energy Efficiency

Environmental sustainability, the responsibility of preserving the Earth and its natural resources for future generations, is essential for so many reasons.

Working in an industry dedicated to moving and managing a natural resource, water conservation and energy efficiency becomes an added responsibility – one that Emmons Metro and our parent company, Metropolitan Industries, takes very seriously.

We are committed to helping customers and the environment by developing and providing sustainable solutions for our customers. With the improvements of today’s technology, we are innovative and creative in finding solutions to the constantly evolving demands placed on water flow, water quality and water management.

The variable frequency drive (VFD) technology, a type of variable speed drive (VSD), offers one solution that benefits both our customers and the Earth.

VFD booster pump systems are more affordable and include many benefits like:

  1. Energy savings as great as 30%-50% percent when compared to traditional constant speed pumps.
  2. Improved system control as a result of easily adjusting to variations.
  3. Improved system reliability and decreased maintenance as a result of reduced wear to the pump.
  4. Reduced noise due to higher velocities through piping and “water hammer”.

Read more about the steps we are taking to help you save energy and money while also simplifying overall system costs.

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